Bootleg Beatles in Sukhbaatar Square

From 1980s Bootleg Beatles has given their performances just as their great original one. What must be taken place is that Bootleg is nothing but a part of the Beatlemania that still tries to shape our need for the Beatles everywhere in this world. It is only appropriate to say that Bootleg Beatles in Sukhbaatar Square is an opportunity to see the Beatles as it was in 1960s. Thus, I have something to be proud of, or something to remember via this opportunity.

Beatles molded the culture of 1960-70s, indeed still defining it. Personally, I am a fan Liverpool F.C and 4 from Liverpool. Particularly, George Harrison` s songs are my favourite ones to give heed. I don`t know the Bootleg people are going to perform any of Harrison`s songs, but I am sure they are going to do something fro Mongolians. Eighteen sharp at Sukhbaatar Square, at the heart of Mongolia, tonight there will be Beatles after 50 years.

P.S. I am giving my genuine and authentic thanks to those who have given what it had to bring them over here.


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