The Change – For What?

We have just seen the momentous presidential inaugural ceremony of the Russian Federation. Before 1990s, it could happen rarely, except the few occasions. However this time we can see that the new `President-elect` is not the new figure but the person who have shaped the world politics for the last decade. Without this former KGB, a determined looking man, I could merely say that `Who knows what could have happened?`

According to the amendment of the rules and regulations, Mr.Putin will be easily having his opportunity to rule all over the Russia (probably the whole Europe) for the next 6 years. 6 years… It would be a long and windy road as his favourite singer once sang.

There were many people who protested against the ceremony of the new president. It happened, so does the inauguration. Nothing changed. The western magazines, websites and news agencies promptly speaking against Mr.Putin. `An oligarch, figure of injustice, personal cult et cetera.,` It polarizes the mind of people throughout the world without any negligence.

As a matter of fact, (sometimes it is sort of funny) I vividly remember the day I saw Mr.Putin`s picture on the cover of the `TIME` magazine as a `Person of the Year` in 2008. Inside the magazine, there was a cover story, which actually dedicated to Mr.Putin without any negligence too. Words were so sweet and pleasant, such as `A reformer, president who changed the poor Russia into a richer Russia, national leader etc.,`

If you compare these statements with the present ones, you will think something, won`t you?

It is very illogical.

That was the proper time (2008,2009,2010,2011) to criticize, not now. That was the divine time to protest and  change. Though, it changed nothing.

He can be anyone, a cult or true genius, but one thing is assured, as the constitution says `He was legally elected and chosen by the people.`

Thus, let the president have his chance, let the people and media criticize him logically.


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