Split Up For the Glory of the Mongolian People

I  must admit that, first of all, it was a shocking piece of news. Particularly, the first (in order to distinguish him from the plain deputy minister of the government) deputy minister of the ‘Great Coalition Government’ announced that the historical role of the coalition was fulfilled, indeed, it is inevitable to break-up the romance between these two major parties.

In 2008, after the great chaos, I should say that ‘July First’, the architect of the coalition MR. Bayar declared that it was very vital to be united regardless of those theories in the politics, ( which means the result of the election) as a result of this, the two enemies in the daily TV serials have united for the second or third time in the history. However, this time, their romance lasted over 900 days. Such a record. The love was so adorable, just like those any teenagers in any countries throughout the world when they were flirting with each other.

While they were having an affair, there has been countless numbers of horoscopes that has pointed about their long-term tendency. To be or not be was the question, as Shakespeare once mentioned. Some people (on behalf of the people) publicized in large reminding the promises which has been confirmed during the 2008 general election campaign. So what happened? After the demand, precisely the occupy movement, Mr.First and Second (both the major party leaders) broadcasted their faces with an enourmous size, accepting the promises through TVs towards their dearest voters, saying that, they will give the 1,5 million tugrugs for each and every citizen within their time of the power. Alas, at last, people could be getting the money from the ‘Coalition’. This was wonderful and marvelous news.

It is just an example of how they saved their true relationship, how they were as sharp as a tack, but I believe the promises were not met the reality of the society as they are saying.

The whole drama has lost its director’s involvement whereas the 2012 general election law was facing its destiny. Anyway, with or without the wisdom and prerequisite of the standard, MPs did their job to win the next election. Now the odds and possibilities are all in their hands. They have an advantage.

I saw the pictures of political leaders were making toasts for the glory of the Mongolia, holding French or Italian good wines in Italian or French best crystal glasses. Yes, the life was good for them, air pollution did not bother them and still they are totally fine.

Why do they need to break-up? Who can win from this hopeless and misconcieved decision? Or should we say, Who is going to win in the next election?

Ultimately, they broke-up. The reason can be boredom, fatique, unfaithfullness or they were just not right for each other. Anyway, let us get back to the point, the couple, in a very detailed way, Mongolian People’s Party and Democratic Party are done.

Happy memories….


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