You Don’t Have to Know the Meaning of Life to Enjoy It Fully

Ever since human beings developed the abilities to reason and explore, they
have searched for the big secret. Philosophers, scientists, and theologians alike
have been searching for the undisputable answer to the question: “What is the
meaning of life?” This perplexing question has resulted in a wide range of
conc1usions and arguments, inc1uding scientific theories, authoritative dogma,
philosophical conjecture, and spiritual explanations.

As a matter of course “What is the meaning of life?” is the most profound
question most individuals ask themselves at some point during their lives. The
question in itself is open to various interpretations: Why are we here? Who are
we? Where did we come from? What is the purpose of life? Will we experience
life after death?

To get the upper hand on everyone else, you yourself may be determined
to get to the bottom of this mystery called life – not even sure how much
longer you can hang on if you don’t find it. Plain and simple, it is unlikely that
you will succeed. All things considered, there likely will never be an answer.
Many individuals with greater talent and knowledge than you and me have
come up empty-handed. You will find that the deeper you go, the more the
mystery will deepen.

You may even decide to go traveling around the world in search of the
magical answer to life. The further the better, you think – maybe even
ashrams in Colorado or the Himalaya Mountains in south-central Asia. Once
you get there, you will make an interesting discovery: The only answers and
enlightenment you get to experience in ashrams in Colorado or mountaintops
in India are the answers and enlightenment with which you arrived.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn more about the world. It’s
rewarding to explore and discover the fascinating aspects of life. By all means,
keep looking to improve your understanding of many things around you. It’s
best to let some of the more profound things remain mysterious, however.


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