Reading Books in the Present World

I just want to discuss the way we read books in the present world:

We are living in times where digital ubiquity is the order of the day and most of us are constantly switching between checking e-mail, surfing the web for the latest headlines and any news updates, answering the telephone and attending to the mobile calls.

In fact, many of us are totally connected to the iPOD, iPAD, Blackberry Stuffs, Galaxy tab, whatever…

Lately, I read that, Nicholas Carr, author, have pointed out the `Shallows` that inhabit our minds in this electronic age. There are others who have drawn attention to the `Fragmentation` of us because of so much digital `Noise` that assaults us from all directions. Studies done in recent years have shown that the average time spent on a task has come down to 11 minutes and the need for constant switching back and forth between tasks means that our `E-Person` might take over our `Offline` selves and there can be a morphing of both. Increasingly, many behavioural experts are calling upon people to separate from it or sit still in contemplation if we do not want this to happen.

So, what better way to `Log-Out` from e-world than to pick a book and read it at leisure?

Of course, there are many who would willingly give up the TV remote or put their mobiles on its switch off statement and READ.

What about those who CANNOT!?

Reading a book is like sipping wine and it grows on you. Hence, the best thing to do when you get the time is to sit down and reach for that book that have always wanted and get going.

Never mind the incessant buzz of the messages of the temptation to check the movements of shares and the urge to scroll through the updates in the internet. A book is worth reading not only for the pleasure that the joy of reading gives us also for the moment’s quiet beauty that reading offers as a reward.

If you are wondering `Why not read an eBook, a Kindle, a Nook`?

The answer is that while reading eBooks is certainly catching on, nothing can beat the pleasure of plonking oneself on the favourite sofa or armchair and reading a printed book.

Reading as a habit for everyone should be taken seriously by everyone. There cannot be a better way to ensure that you do not grow in this world on gadgets too much alone, if you initiate yourself to the wonders of reading.


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